Welcome to Sucks Clothing, the craziest street style brand from Ausserfern! We're here to conquer the world – or at least every streetwear lover's wardrobe.

It all started with a fun campaign and two printed hoodies. But this fun quickly turned serious and sucks was born. After the first hoodies were enthusiastically received by friends and acquaintances, it quickly became clear that there was potential here. What started as a small collection has now developed into its own fashion brand.
Even the regional press took notice of us - that was the starting signal for sucks!

And what happens now? Do we want to conquer the world? Well, that would be nice, but we also don't mind growing slowly and focusing on quality and style. We want sucks clothing to be as unique as we are and that our customers and friends feel just as comfortable as we do. So what are you waiting for? Follow us on our journey and let's rock the world of streetwear together!